Wednesday, August 15, 2007

Fun Day at Great America!

RJ took the day off today so that we could take advantage of tickets I won at the Fremont Festival of the Arts (Eeks! I still have to blog about that.). So, off to Great America we go!

But not before stopping by Paddy's in Union City for some caffeine pick-me-ups.

Paddy's Coffee House

We reached the park just a little after noon. We knew there wasn't much we could do since we now have Ella. But we rode a couple of the carousels, played a few games, and took lots of pictures as we walked through the park. Ella stayed awake through it all - probably because she was so curious about all the new sounds and sights. I love watching her observe things around her! She, gratefully, zonked out during our all-you-can-eat BBQ "lunner" at the park's Picnic Grove.

It was a perfect family day! The weather was perfect - not too hot, but we still had to put on some sunscreen. :)

Here are some of the pictures taken.

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