Tuesday, August 21, 2007

Ella's First Injury

So, Ella's been crazy baby these past couple of weeks. She's been non-stop after discovering that crawling can get her anywhere she wants to be. Baby proofing takes on a whole new meaning with this determined little lady. Try as I might, I can no longer keep her interested in sitting still. When she's not crawling, she's standing up (while holding on to something). I've witnessed her being bold and letting go once in a while, only to land smack on her butt. When crawling, sometimes she loses balance and falls forward on her face - which is exactly what happened today.

At today's playdate at the local library, I was talking to the other mommies and let her crawl away from me. She was right behind me when I hear her fall and cry. I picked her up to comfort her, but her cry implied that she was really hurt. I couldn't figure out what exactly happened, until one of the moms saw that she was bleeding. Upon a closer inspection I saw that she had a cut on her upper front gum. Her chin must've landed on the snack container when she fell and her bottom teeth got pushed into her upper gum and broke skin. Since we were at the library (no freezer for ice cubes), some wet paper towels to chew on seemed to do the trick. She was a lot better after a couple of minutes - smiling again in fact. Some of the moms mentioned that that their kids (or they knew of a kid who) went through the same thing.

I have to admit that it was disconcerting to see blood spouting out of my baby's mouth, but I know this is the first of many escapades to come. Ahh, the challenges of being a parent.

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