Saturday, November 19, 2011

ZooKids: Desert Animals

Today, Ella attended another ZooKids class at the Oakland Zoo and she learned all about desert animals. The class snacked on desert bread, cactus and dates. Ella admitted that she only tried the dates... but at least she liked them.

Art project
Caught a cute video of the end of class:

And while Ella was at ZooKids, Alexa wandered through the zoo with mommy and daddy.

All bundled up in the stroller and posing with daddy.

Saying hello to one of the camels that was munching on some yummy leaves.

Getting a closer look at the lions.

Pretty zebra.

Caught daddy and Alexa playing a bit of "Ring Around the Rosy:"

It was a gorgeous day in the East Bay but quite chilly. We're crossing our fingers that the girls don't catch another cold, especially with rain in the forecast for the rest of the weekend.

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