Thursday, October 13, 2011

Ella's School Field Trip to the Local Pumpkin Patch

Today, Ella and her classmates from Tiny Tots went to the pumpkin patch at Perry's Farm in Ardenwood (Fremont, CA). She had fun on the hay ride, during which she learned that the farm grew different types/colors of cauliflower. Our tour guide also sliced samples of a gorgeous red beet and Ella found out how much she liked the crunchy sweet taste. After the hay ride, she picked a pumpkin for herself and one for Alexa. Then, she spent the rest of the time playing with some of her classmates; climbing the giant haystack and wandering through the corn maze.

On the way home, Ella asked to stop by the fruit/vegetable stand. We bought a purple cauliflower, a cheddar cauliflower, and a beet bunch.

Here are some of the photos taken:

Excited to go on a hay ride.

Sitting close to mommy.

Rainbow of cauliflower. Yum!

Atop the hay stack.

How tall am I?

Trying to find her way through the maze.


Pumpkin fairy.

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