Sunday, January 4, 2009

Christmas Eve and Christmas Day

Christmas Eve was spent making cookies so that they would still be yummy and fresh when they were handed out on Christmas Day. Ella had a blast decorating the cookies and an even grander time eating the sprinkles. She definitely inherited her daddy's sweet tooth.

Then we attended the 6:00p Christmas Vigil mass at St. Joseph (Mission San Jose) with the Pacleb family. Ella was thrilled to see her BFF. They were even wearing similar dresses... only Ella's was in gold and Callie's was pink. How funny is that?

We slept in on Christmas Day. Ella opened her presents after waking. Among her many new treasures: more Mega Bloks, a Barbie trike (from her daddy), a Disney Princess phone (from her mommy), stackers, a shape sorter and Wii Music from her Granmama and Grandpa. While Ella enjoyed her new toys, Emma did some more baking... a caramel pumpkin cheesecake and leche flan to bring to the Agngarayngay holiday potluck.

Then it was off to San Jose for an evening of merriment at the hoouse of RJ's Aunties Frances, Georgina and Prudence. And Ella got to meet her new cousin, Ashlee Marie Agngarayngay for the very first time.

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