Sunday, October 19, 2008

Ella and BFFs at Disney on Ice

Eight of us: Ella and I and six others from our TCPG mommy group made our way to Oakland's Oracle Arena last Friday to see Disney on Ice. The kids are Ella's BFFs. No, she's not too young to have "Best Friends Forever!" Plus, she always has tons of fun with Andrew, Callie and Hailey. :) The four of them had a blast sharing popcorn while watching Mickey, Minnie and their friends glide gracefully across the ice. Ella was excited to see her favorite characters: Dory and Nemo, and Ariel and Prince Eric. Even the mommies had fun! Folks who've never been to Disneyland
would have gotten a taste of the Park's famous Electrical Parade and It's A Small World ride.

For a chance to see my daughter get excited to see her friends off and on the Ice, it was pretty priceless. (Big thanks to Veronica and Hailey for providing the tickets!).

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