Thursday, February 28, 2008

Mom's Right Knee Replacement Surgery

So, mom finally got her right knee "replaced" on Tuesday (2/26). It was a long time coming and I'm sooo glad that she finally conceded to have it done. She's been in so much pain for so long. I'm sure it was more painful than she was actually letting on. She's one tough cookie - my mom. :)

Despite a couple of rounds of blood tranfusion (her HCT, aka blood count, fell a bit), she is apparently doing well enough to (hopefully) be discharged later today. Yay! Did you know that they started PT soon after her surgery? What a smart medical center! I absolutely approve!

Ella and I fly up to Seattle on Sunday. I can't wait! I know mom is looking forward to seeing her granddaughter. Hopefully, Ella will inspire her to start running... uh, er... I mean, "walking" soon.

My bro, Joel, sent me this pic of mom after the surgery (and yes, apparently, she said it was ok - go figure). Haha.

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