Wednesday, February 26, 2014

25Feb2014 - Alexa's Birthday Day

It's hard to believe that my baby is all grown up. We enjoyed a fun outing in Alameda, CA before heading back home to Union City for a late lunch, to pick up Ella from school and wait for daddy to come home and join us for a dinner of spam sandwiches and spaghetti, per the birthday girl's request. We capped of her special day with delicious bundtinis from Nothing Bundt Cakes. Happy 5th birthday to my precocious, outspoken, witty, charming, sweet, and beautiful daughter. I love you very much!

First stop: Starbucks. Alexa has been begging for their Birthday Cake cakepop and I've told her she had to wait until her actual birthday. Suffice to say, she was tickled pink. Plus, I needed my coffee. :) Afterward, we strolled for a bit around Alameda's South Shore (Shopping) Center. Lex even got to make wishes (5 of them, of course) at the center court fountain.

Next stop was Alameda's Crab Cove Center where Lex got to learn about fish and other shoreline wildlife. She also got to make a wind sock. It turned out to be a gorgeous day and I was able to get a couple of good photos of Lex sitting on the rocks along the beach.

By noon, we were starving; and because I promised her we would have cheeseburgers, we headed to In-N-Out. One fry well for us to share, a plain cheeseburger for the birthday girl, and another cheeseburger for me (a mustard-grilled cheeseburger on an extra toasted bun, with extra chilies, extra pickles, no onions and no lettuce... to be precise). Haha.

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