Monday, May 20, 2013

Gobstopper Science Experiment

Girls were not feeling well today, so I kept them home from school. No school doesn't mean no learning. So, I thought we'd do a little science experiment at home.

First, we sorted like-colors of Gobstoppers on a shallow white plate. Before we proceeded, I asked the girls what they thought would happen if we added water to the plate. Ella answered, "The candies will turn white, because the water will wash the colors off the candy." I then asked, "What will happen to the water?" Ella said, "It will turn colors." And Lex piped in, "It'll be a rainbow!"

After they added the water, they were excited to observe that their theories proved true.

Then I asked them, "Why do you think the colors are not mixing?" Neither of them knew, but they did suggest that if they stirred the water the colors would mix. Haha. Indeed they were right. I told them that the colors didn't mix because the candies are coated with a thin layer of wax, which is not water soluble and prevents the colors from mixing. Cool, huh?! Well, I thought so, but the girls were more interested in the water/candy/color interplay. I think they get the gist of it though. 

Thank you to Steve Spangler for this awesome science experiment idea. :) (

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