Monday, February 18, 2013

Rice Bowls

We finally got our rice bowls this weekend. After some discussion about what Lent means, I asked the girls about what they were willing to sacrifice for the duration of the season. Alexa said she was willing to give up "hitting" and Ella chose to give up "yelling." Then they went to find their wallets and  promptly pulled out their hard earned money to put in the rice bowls. Ella put in $12 and Alexa put in $5. In the past, they were very particular about their money, even unwilling to spend it on toys and other such materialisms. So we couldn't be more thrilled with, proud of and humbled by their compassion and generosity with the rice bowls. What was most amazing about it is that all it took was an explanation of what happens to the money collected in the rice bowls. We are truly blessed to have awesome daughters who are so cognizant of their ability to help others in need, especially at such an early age. #proudcatholicmom #lentensacrifices #ricebowls

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