Saturday, September 8, 2012

Alexa's First Day At Prschool

Yesterday (Fri 9/7) was Alexa's first day at preschool. After we dropped Ella off at Kindergarten, Lex & I headed to the Tiny Tots program at Niles Fremont. If that sounds familiar, it because it's the same place Ella attended last year for Pre-K. Teacher Ellen remembered Alexa & asked me to bring Ella along during one of her days off.

Anyway, aside from a few "shy" moments (à la "stuck like glue to mommy"), Lex acclimatized rather quickly and had a blast! I'm hoping this weekly endeavor will help her transition sooner to non-mommy-assisted preschool.

Though, honestly, I'll probably have a harder time letting go than she will.

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