Saturday, August 21, 2010

A Night at the Zoo

The girls graciously pose for the camera.

We are lucky to be current members of the Oakland Zoo and we have definitely tried to take advantage of all of the benefits, which includes free admission for our whole family, free parking, the 10% discount at the gift shop, etc. Last night we enjoyed another benefit: the annual Members' Nite Out.
"Every year we open our gates for our members, put on a top-notch private party, and allow you to see some of the inner workings of your Zoo. This year we are proud to offer another evening of animals and fun for your entire family." (
We had hoped to get to the zoo precisely at 5:30pm, but we got side-tracked with a quick stop at Quizno's to buy our dinner. Armed with a couple of coupons for a small sandwich, fountain drink and a bag of chips - all for $2.99, I was intent on being a frugal mom without having to sacrifice taste. Being the picky eaters they are, I had to pack something separate for the girls.

RJ and the "silly" girls.

When we arrived at the zoo, we were greeted by a lively steel drum band. Ella and Alexa couldn't help but move their booties to the catchy rhythms being played.

It was really a very special experience because we got to do and see things that we don't normally get to do or see during normal zoo hours. Specifically, we got to see the animals up close and the girls even got to pet a couple of them.

Grooming the goat.

Alexa had no problems touching the snake.

The zoo had a professional photographer who took a bunch of shots of Ella with the turtle and even took a family picture of us. Crossing our fingers that one or two of the photos make it to their website or promotional/marketing materials. We'll definitely let you all know. :)

We had so much fun. Ella loves animals and Alexa was just as excited even though she was exhausted because her one nap of the day didn't suffice.

Here's a close -up.

We are looking forward to participating in future zoo events and telling you all about it. :)

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