Thursday, November 13, 2008

We "Zeum"-ed Through Yerba Buena Gardens

Yesterday, Ella and I went on a trip to San Francisco with our friends Audrey and Calixta. We took a late morning BART train from the Union City station to the Powell station. Then we walked 2 blocks to the Yerba Buena Gardens to visit Zeum, but we didn't realize that it didn't open until 1pm. So, to while our time, we rode the carousel and played in the Gardens' Play Circle (includes a sand circle, play stream a xylophone and 25 foot tube slide). After a brief lunch at Mo's Grill (burgers and fries!), we headed to Zeum. Zeum provides "hands-on experiences in four core creative processes (animation, sound and video production, live performance and visual arts). It encourages youth "to share their stories, build their voices, and use multimedia tools for creative self-expression." It's geared towards children 6 and up but Ella and Callie are curious enough to appreciate some of the more "toddler-ish" elements. Ella and Callie had so much fun, they slept the whole BART ride home. I plan on taking Ella back (with daddy) maybe in another 6 months and believe that she would be better able to participate.

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