Tuesday, April 15, 2008

Fun Day at Heritage Oak Park

Yesterday, our mom's group tried out a new local park. Heritage Oak Park is a charming spot that's perfect for toddlers. It's a gem hidden in an affluent (read: "nice big houses") Union City neighborhood. The area is enclosed with a fence - ideal for our little wandering monkeys. There's a tiny play structure with a wide and low slide, as well as a couple of those rocking-horsey-things (see photos). Ella loved the flowers so much... she made a like a bee and started to eat the buds. Really, I'm not sure it tasted that good. But I'm learning that my almost-16-months-old daughter has insatiably curious taste buds. Also appealing is the grassy knoll where we can lay out our picnic blankets and let the pre-walkers roll or crawl. For the next playdate, we're going to bring chalk so we can draw on the sidewalk!

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